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SOLO DIVER  獨潛  Self Reliant Diver

SOLO DIVER 獨潛 Self Reliant Diver




單人水肺潛水SOLO DIVER 獨潛完整指南,透過施教練多年經驗心得,研發一套完整的教學 。


SOLO DIVER 獨潛水肺潛水領域。 通過適當的培訓、設備和正確的態度來接受獨自潛水所涉及的風險,經驗豐富的潛水員可以在沒有潛伴的情況下負責任地進行潛水。 自力更生潛水是一項冒險活動,並不適合所有人,但確實有一席之地。 如果您有精神紀律和決心去學習和遵循自力更生的潛水技術,那麼您將在SOLO DIVER 獨潛、雙人潛水或團隊潛水時增強您的技能和信心。


您需要是年滿 18 歲且有 100 次潛水記錄的進階開放水域潛水員才能註冊 :SOLO DIVER /獨潛/ Self Reliant Diver /自力更生 潛水員課程。


在進入課程之前將與 SDI SOLO DIVER 獨潛施教練一起預約日期 


  • 課程內容

    The Solo Diver course takes an in-depth look at all of the following and more:

    • Why solo dive?
    • History of buddy diving
    • Pros and cons of buddy diving and solo diving
    • Legal liability assumed by buddy diving
    • How to use the SDI Solo Diving waiver and release
    • Who must solo dive?
    • The solo diving mentality
    • When not to solo dive
    • Equipment for solo diving
    • Planning and conducting a solo dive
    • Navigation
    • Management of solo diving emergencies
    • Review the Solo Diver Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk Agreement Form

    Some of the required skills you will have to demonstrate include all of the following and more:

    • 200 metres/600 feet surface swim in full scuba equipment, configured for local diving conditions; must be non-stop and performed in an open water environment
    • Demonstrate adequate pre-dive planning
    • Plan dive limits based on personal air consumption rate
    • Plan exact dive
    • Properly execute the planned dive within all predetermined limits
    • Equipment configuration appropriate for solo diving
    • Proper descent/ascent rates
    • Proper safety stop procedures
    • Monitoring of decompression status equipment; tables, computers, equipment, etc.
    • Navigation skills – demonstrate proficiency of navigation with compass
    • Demonstrate emergency change over to redundant air supply (not to exceed 30 metres/100 feet)
    • Deploy surface marker buoy (SMB)
    • Use of audible signaling device

    What’s in it for you?

    Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in solo diving activities without direct supervision of the  Instructor as long as the following limits are adhered to:

    • The diving activities approximate those of training
    • The areas of activities approximate those of training
    • Environmental conditions approximate those of training

    The  Solo Diver certification counts towards a single specialty rating to complete the Advanced Diver Development program or Master Scuba Diver Development program.




    • You must be certified as an Advanced Adventure Diver or equivalent.
    • Be 21 years of age
    • Have 100 logged dives
  • 需要多長時間

    獨潛課程為期一天半,從課堂討論和裝備配置開始。 第二天將包括 2 次潛,潛水員可以將他們的單人潛水理論和發展付諸實踐。

  • 課程包括什麼?

    獨潛手冊、SOLO DIVER教練、你只要到達指定碼頭、包括至少一天戶外實習潛水所需交通,氣樽、鉛和認證費用。


  • 請帶以下裝備

    電腦錶 x 2
    DSMB x 2
    Spool x 2
    Masks x 2 (with masks strap pad)

HK$ 2,500.00價格



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