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Retreat Camp

好榮幸被邀請又走入學院,提供退修營培訓,謝謝拍檔一起帶給他們愉快又充實的活動,為一班有愛有活力的理工大學前線服務人員提供服務!P.S.多謝舊上司轉介 #可以認識各同事另一面 #發掘工作中的夢想


Adventure out has programs to unlock latent potential

Team building,Team bonding,Leadership,Communication & teamwork


Learning hard and soft skills through experience is timeless

Outback bush camping,Treks,Abseiling, Climbing & Ziplining,Wildlife & wild survival,Practical problem solving activities,Orientation & navigation,Activity programs on location


We specialise in taking anyone anywhere

Camping & bushcraft,Awareness, environment,Fish fram Indigenous immersions,Rope & water,Orientation & navigation

Comprehensive recreation schedule for after school hours and weekends

Outback treks

Monkey , HoiHa Reef, Hong Kong Pinnacles and East tours

Adventure tours

Swimming with fish and Turtle

Eco tours

Grass Island adventure weekends

Diving certificate courses and tours

Surfing, water skiing, wind surfing or sailing tuition

Accommodation bookings (including Homestays and Fish Farmstays)

Connection to self / nature / community

Outcomes & benefits

Because even the best programs need exceptional humans to bring them to life

Ignite the human spirit , Develop confidence & risk management , Build resilience & grit , Enhance communication & interdependence , Develop self sufficiency , Promote positive self esteem and wellbeing , Develop awareness & interdependence

Imagining a different future,Strong young people create healthy life

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